United Cup 2024 Schedule, Fixtures PDF Download (Officially Announced)

United Cup 2024
United Cup 2024

The United Cup 2024, which is set to be the second edition of this prestigious tournament, is an exciting event in the ATP calendar that marks the beginning of the tennis season. It is the first official tournament of the 2024 ATP Calendar and holds immense significance as a lead-up competition to the renowned Australian Open, the first Grand Slam event of the year. With matches taking place in the lively cities of Perth and Sydney, the 2024 United Cup guarantees a captivating display of skill and determination, attracting the world’s top tennis talents who will compete for glory. Spanning from December 29th to January 7th, this highly anticipated tournament not only showcases exceptional tennis prowess, but also sets the stage for the thrilling battles and narratives that will unfold at the Australian Open.

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United Cup 2024 Groups (18 Teams Divided into 6 Groups)

The United Cup 2024 features a total of six groups spread across the host cities of Perth and Sydney. Each group comprises three competing teams, forming a diverse and competitive lineup for the tournament. The teams have been divided as follows:

Group APerthSpain, Poland, WTA TBC
Group BSydneyCanada, Greece, ATP TBC
Group CPerthGreat Britain, USA, Australia
Group DSydneyItaly, France, Germany
Group EPerthCzech Republic, China, Serbia
Group FSydneyNetherlands, Croatia, Norway

United Cup 2024 Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table (Officially Announced)

The United Cup 2024 will kick off on December 29th with an exciting match in Perth between Spain and a team yet to be confirmed (WTA TBC) at 10 am local time. The group stages, where teams compete within their assigned groups, will conclude on January 2nd after a series of matches. (Also Read: List of Players Participating in the United Cup 2024 (Officially Announced))

After the group stages, the tournament will move into the knockout stages, featuring quarter-finals in Perth and Sydney on January 3rd. The semi-finals will take place in Sydney on January 6th, and the final showdown will be held on January 7th, determining the ultimate champion of the United Cup 2024.

PERTHFri. 29 Dec.10 amGroup ASpain v WTA TBC
PERTHFri. 29 Dec.5 pmGroup CGreat Britain v Australia
PERTHSat. 30 Dec.10 amGroup ECzech Rep. v China
SYDNEYSat. 30 Dec.10.30 amGroup FNetherlands v Norway
PERTHSat. 30 Dec.5 pmGroup APoland v WTA TBC
SYDNEYSat. 30 Dec.5.30 pmGroup DItaly v Germany
PERTHSun. 31 Dec.10 amGroup CUSA v Great Britain
SYDNEYSun. 31 Dec.10.30 amGroup BCanada v ATP TBC
PERTHSun. 31 Dec.5 pmGroup EChina v Serbia
PERTHMon. 1 Jan.10 amGroup APoland v Spain
SYDNEYMon. 1 Jan.10.30 amGroup FCroatia v Norway
PERTHMon. 1 Jan.5 pmGroup CUSA v Australia
SYDNEYMon. 1 Jan.5.30 pmGroup DFrance v Germany
PERTHTue. 2 Jan.10 amGroup ECzech Rep. v Serbia
SYDNEYTue. 2 Jan.10.30 amGroup BGreece v ATP TBC
SYDNEYTue. 2 Jan.5.30 pmGroup FCroatia v Netherlands
PERTHWed. 3 Jan.10 amQF 1Group A winner v Best runner-up
SYDNEYWed. 3 Jan.10.30 amGroup DFrance v Italy
PERTHWed. 3 Jan.5 pmQF 2Group C winner v Group E winner
SYDNEYWed. 3 Jan.5.30 pmGroup BGreece v Canada
SYDNEYThu. 4 Jan.5.30 pmQF 3Group D winner v Group F winner
SYDNEYFri. 5 Jan.5.30 pmQF 4Group B winner v Best runner-up
SYDNEYSat. 6 Jan.10.30 amSF 1QF 1 Winner v QF 3 winner
SYDNEYSat. 6 Jan.5.30 pmSF 2QF 2 Winner v QF 4 winner
SYDNEYSun. 7 Jan.5.30 pmFinalSF winner 1 v SF winner 2

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