RAC Arena: Seating Capacity, Upcoming Events & How to Get There?

Situated in the heart of Perth, Western Australia, the RAC Arena stands as a vibrant hub for sports and entertainment enthusiasts. Initially known as the Perth Arena, the venue underwent a significant transformation in September 2018, rebranding itself as the RAC Arena. This change was a result of a five-year naming rights arrangement with the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC), estimated to be valued at approximately $10 million, significantly contributing to the government’s financial portfolio.

The RAC Arena has become a focal point for various events, particularly drawing the attention of tennis enthusiasts, given its status as one of the host venues for the much-anticipated United Cup in 2024. As anticipation builds, tennis fans worldwide have started seeking information and updates related to the RAC Arena, eager to experience the electrifying matches that will unfold within its walls.

RAC Arena
RAC Arena

RAC Arena Upcoming Events:

The RAC Arena has an exciting lineup of events that cater to diverse entertainment tastes. Among the anticipated events, the venue is set to host globally renowned acts, appealing to music enthusiasts and fans alike. Scheduled to kick off the entertainment extravaganza is Blink-182’s World Tour 2023/2024 on February 8, followed by Matchbox Twenty’s Slow Dream Tour on February 13. The year’s calendar reaches its crescendo with Iron Maiden’s The Future Past World Tour on September 1, promising a high-octane experience for rock music devotees.

RAC Arena Seating Capacity:

Boasting a generous seating capacity of 15,500, the RAC Arena provides an immersive experience for attendees, whether they are sports fans or music aficionados. This vast seating arrangement ensures that a multitude of spectators can savor the entertainment and sporting spectacles hosted within its walls. Although the maximum capacity is set at 15,500, the record attendance for a tennis match stands at 14,064 during the captivating 2019 Hopman Cup, showcasing the arena’s popularity among tennis fans and its ability to draw large crowds.

The RAC Arena’s design allows for an inclusive and engaging atmosphere, offering attendees an excellent view regardless of their seating arrangement. Whether reveling in a thrilling tennis match or swaying to the beats of a live concert, the seating layout ensures a memorable experience for all who walk through its doors.

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RAC Arena Seating Map

RAC Arena Seating Map
RAC Arena Seating Map

RAC Arena Location & Official Address

700 Wellington St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

How to get to RAC Arena, Perth

Visitors to RAC Arena have a range of transportation options available, whether they prefer driving, using public transport, walking, or cycling, ensuring convenient and hassle-free access to the venue.

By Car:

  • From Perth: RAC Arena is located in the city center on Wellington Street. Travelers can reach it by driving along Wellington Street, which is easily accessible from various points within the CBD. There are parking facilities available near the arena for those arriving by car, providing convenient access to the venue.

By Public Transport:

  • Train: The Perth Train Station, a major transport hub, is within walking distance of the RAC Arena. Visitors can take advantage of the city’s train network, with the train station offering easy access to and from the venue.
  • Bus: Perth’s extensive bus network includes several routes that stop near RAC Arena. Various bus stops along Wellington Street and surrounding areas provide easy access for those traveling by bus.


  • For those in the city center, the RAC Arena is easily accessible on foot. Visitors staying in nearby accommodations or exploring the city center can enjoy a pleasant stroll to reach the venue.

By Bicycle:

  • Cycling: Perth encourages cycling, and for eco-friendly and health-conscious visitors, cycling to the RAC Arena is a viable option. The city has dedicated bike lanes and bike parking facilities, making cycling a convenient choice for reaching the venue.

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