List of Players participating in the United Cup 2024 (Officially Announced)

List of Players participating in the United Cup 2024
List of Players participating in the United Cup 2024

With the new tennis season just beginning, all eyes are eagerly fixed on the United Cup 2024, a thrilling tournament that signifies the start of a tennis-packed year. This highly regarded competition serves as a prelude to the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open 2024. The United Cup, a significant addition to the international tennis calendar, showcases mixed-gender teams from 18 countries. Notably, this event has replaced the ATP Cup, making it a standout feature in the ATP calendar. Following the incredible victory of the American team led by Taylor Fritz and Jessica Pegula in the inaugural edition earlier this year, the 2024 United Cup is poised to be even more captivating. In this article, we will explore the officially announced list of players participating in the United Cup 2024.

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List of Players participating in the United Cup 2024

The anticipation surrounding the 2024 United Cup is tangible and for valid reasons. This edition guarantees to be a star-studded event, showcasing some of the most talented individuals in the world of tennis. Notably, five of the top 10 female players and nine of the top 20 male players globally will be gracing the courts during this thrilling competition. The tournament is scheduled to take place from December 29th to January 7th, spanning locations in Perth and Sydney.

The draw for this tournament will be revealed on Monday, October 23, heightening the excitement among fans and players alike. With the participation of such highly-ranked athletes, the competition is expected to be intense and exhilarating, making it a must-watch for tennis enthusiasts worldwide.

As we eagerly await the unveiling of the official draw, the tennis community is buzzing with anticipation to witness how these top-ranked players will be pitted against one another. With each player bringing their distinct style and expertise to the court, the 2024 United Cup guarantees to deliver extraordinary tennis action and unforgettable moments.

CountryATP PlayerWTA Player
PolandH. HurkaczI. Swiatek
D. MichalskiK. Kawa
J. ZielinskiK. Piter
GreeceS. TsitsipasM. Sakkari
S. SakellaridisD. Papamichail
P. TsitsipasV. Grammatikopoulou
USAT. FritzJ. Pegula
D. KudlaA. Parks
R. RamD. Krawczyk
FranceA. MannarinoC. Garcia
A. EscoffierA. Hesse
E. Roger-VasselinE. Lechemia
Czech RepublicJ. LeheckaM. Vondrousova
V. KoprivaS. Bejlek
P. NouzaM. Kolodziejova
CroatiaB. CoricD. Vekic
N. SerdarusicP. Marcinko
I. DodigT. Lukas
CanadaF. Auger-AliassimeL. Fernandez
A. GalarneauS. Fung
A. Shamasdin 
Great BritainC. NorrieK. Boulter
D. EvansF. Jones
N. SkupskiM. Lumsden
ChinaZ. ZhangQ. Zheng
Y. BuX. You
F. Sun 
NetherlandsT. GriekspoorA. Rus
T. De BakkerA. Hartono
W. KoolhofD. Schuurs
SpainA. Davidovich-FokinaS. Sorribes-Tormo
R. Carballes-BaenaM. Bassols-Ribera
D. Vega-HernandezN. Parrizas-Diaz
ItalyL. SonegoJ. Paolini
F. CobolliN. Brancaccio
A. PellegrinoA. Moratelli
SerbiaN. DjokovicO. Danilovic
H. MedjedovicN. Stevanovic
N. CacicD. Radanovic
NorwayC. RuudM. Helgo
A. PetrovicU. Eikeri
N. Budkov Kjaer 
AustraliaA. de MinaurA. Tomljanovic
J. MillmanS. Hunter
M. EbdenE. Perez
GermanyA. ZverevA. Kerber
M. MartererT. Maria
K. WehneltL. Siegemund


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