Can Novak Djokovic Play Beyond 40? Here is What Patrick Mouratoglou Thinks

Novak Djokovic, the tennis maestro who has consistently stunned the world with his extraordinary athletic abilities, has garnered attention not only for his numerous Grand Slam victories but also for his remarkable physical condition even at the age of 36. Observers and experts, including renowned tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou, are contemplating whether Djokovic could extend his career well beyond the age of 40.

Mouratoglou, an authority in the tennis world, recently voiced his admiration for Djokovic’s unparalleled physical form and dedication to his training regimen. “I haven’t seen ever a player of 36 years old that is in that shape,” expressed Mouratoglou in a video uploaded on his Instagram. He emphasized Djokovic’s unparalleled focus, labeling him as “the best athlete” in tennis, attributing this status to his rigorous training routine and unwavering commitment to fitness.

Can Novak Djokovic Play Beyond 40
Can Novak Djokovic Play Beyond 40

The Serbian tennis sensation’s achievements in 2023 have only added weight to the discussion. Djokovic clinched three Grand Slam titles this season, becoming the first male player in history to secure an impressive total of 24 Major titles. Additionally, he cemented his place in the record books by spending more weeks at the world No. 1 spot than any other player in men’s or women’s tennis.

Mouratoglou further elaborated on Djokovic’s exceptional physical condition, noting his agility, court coverage, and swift recovery on the court, all of which are a testament to Djokovic’s years of disciplined training and his collaborations with top-notch professionals. “His body is extremely young for his age. It’s quite obvious,” Mouratoglou remarked, highlighting Djokovic’s exceptional physical capabilities despite being in his mid-thirties.

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However, while Mouratoglou believes Djokovic has the potential to continue playing beyond 40 years, he acknowledges that such a decision would heavily rely on Djokovic’s sustained motivation and the potential risk of injury, as even the best athletes are susceptible to physical setbacks.

Djokovic himself has shown no inclination to retire any time soon. Following his 24th Grand Slam triumph at the US Open, Djokovic declared his ongoing passion for the sport and his determination to continue achieving great milestones in tennis.

As the discussions regarding Djokovic’s future in the sport intensify, it remains evident that Djokovic’s commitment to excellence, both physically and mentally, is a driving force behind his outstanding success. While his playing beyond the age of 40 remains a topic of speculation, the tennis world eagerly awaits to witness whether the Serbian sensation will continue his reign and potentially redefine the limits of longevity in the sport.

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