Why is Australian Open 2024 Starting on Sunday Instead of Monday?

Australian Open 2024
Australian Open 2024

As the Grand Slam calendar for 2023 concluded with Novak Djokovic’s triumph at the US Open, the world of tennis eagerly shifted its gaze toward the upcoming Australian Open 2024. Anticipation ran high among fans, players, and enthusiasts alike, but a surprising announcement left many pondering the rationale behind a significant change. The Australian Open 2024, typically known for its prestigious tradition and thrilling matches, is poised to undergo a remarkable transformation. This edition of the tournament is set to break the mold with a 15-day schedule, commencing on a Sunday rather than the customary Monday start. The question that naturally arises is: Why this change? In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the decision, exploring the reasons that led to this monumental shift in the Australian Open’s schedule.

When was the Australian Open 2024 Scheduled to Start Originally?

Traditionally, the Australian Open, one of the four Grand Slam events in tennis, has been known for its fortnight of riveting action, beginning on a Monday and culminating with the crowning of champions on a Sunday, two weeks later. The 2024 Australian Open was scheduled to start on 15th January 2024. However, now, the Australian Open 2024 is poised to chart a new course. In previous years, the event commenced on the second Monday of January, lasting for a total of 14 days. But now, a significant alteration has been introduced.

Why is Australian Open 2024 Starting on Sunday Instead of Monday?

The crux of the matter lies in the quest for innovation and improvement, aimed at delivering a more accommodating and enjoyable experience for both players and fans. The decision to shift the Australian Open’s start date to Sunday has not been made capriciously but as a considered response to the challenges that emerged in previous editions. Late-night finishes, a source of frustration for players and fans alike, were becoming increasingly common. The prime example of this was the marathon match between Andy Murray and Thanasi Kokkinakis during the 2023 event, which extended well past 4 a.m. Such occurrences necessitated a change.

Australian Open Tournament Director, Craig Tiley, underlined the motivation behind this transformation. “We’ve listened to feedback from the players and fans and are excited to deliver a solution to minimize late finishes while continuing to provide a fair and equitable schedule on the stadium courts,” Tiley stated. He further emphasized that the addition of an extra day to the tournament would not only alleviate scheduling pressures but also create a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all.

What are Other Major Changes at the Australian Open 2024?

Beyond the shift in the start date, the Australian Open 2024 introduces several noteworthy alterations. The first round, typically a two-day affair, will now span three days, providing fans with an additional day of remarkable tennis, entertainment, culinary delights, and family activities. The number of playing sessions for the event will increase from 47 to 52 due to the addition of this extra day.

How did players and fans react to these changes?

The changes brought to the Australian Open 2024 have sparked reactions from both players and fans, representing a mixed bag of opinions. Some players have welcomed the move, appreciating the consideration for their physical and mental well-being. Fans, on the other hand, have expressed various sentiments, with some excited about the extended duration and others nostalgic for the traditional schedule. In the coming weeks, as more details about the tournament unfold, it will be intriguing to observe how players and fans adapt to this transformative shift in the Australian Open’s legacy.

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