List of Players with the Most Double Faults in Tennis History

Serve, a fundamental aspect of tennis, plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of a match. While hitting an ace is the dream of every server, other outcomes like let, fault, and double faults can bring both joy and frustration. In the world of tennis, a double fault is among the least desirable occurrences for a server, often leading to a lost point. Today, we delve into the intriguing world of tennis to discover who holds the dubious distinction of the most double faults in the sport’s history.

What is a Double Fault?

Before we dive into the list of players who have accumulated the most double faults in tennis history, let’s understand what a double fault entails. In tennis, a double fault occurs when a server commits any combination of two faults during a single serving point. After each successful serve, the fault count resets, granting the server two more attempts to complete a successful serve. The following actions can result in a fault during the serve:

  1. The server’s foot touches the baseline while serving.
  2. The server serves the ball into the net.
  3. The server serves over the net, but the ball fails to land within the service box.

With this understanding in mind, let’s explore the list of players who have grappled with double faults throughout their tennis careers.

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Players with most Double Faults
Players with most Double Faults

List of Players with the Most Double Faults in Tennis History

RankCountryNameDouble Faults
1ESPFernando Verdasco3885
2CROGoran Ivanisevic3546
3ESPFeliciano Lopez3424
4SUIMarc Rosset3422
5RUSYevgeny Kafelnikov3413
6GERTommy Haas3300
7SWEThomas Enqvist3261
8GBRGreg Rusedski3145
9ITAFabio Fognini3013
10FRAGael Monfils2974

Who has most double faults in tennis history?

Leading the list by a significant margin is Spain’s Fernando Verdasco, who has recorded a staggering 3885 double faults over the course of his tennis career. Verdasco is a well-known professional tennis player with a career-high singles ranking of world No. 7, achieved in April 2009. Among his notable achievements is reaching the semifinals of the 2009 Australian Open, where he faced Rafael Nadal in an epic five-set match, considered one of the greatest tennis matches of all time.

As we can see, the world of tennis has witnessed its fair share of double faults, and these players have left their mark in this particular aspect of the game’s history. While double faults may be disheartening for the players at times, they are also a testament to the pressures and challenges that come with serving in professional tennis.

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