Why is Juan Carlos Ferrero Not Coaching Alcaraz at AO 2024?

In a surprising turn of events, tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz is set to face the 2024 Australian Open without the guidance of his long-time coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero. The seasoned coach, who has been instrumental in shaping Alcaraz’s career since 2019, is undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, rendering him unable to travel to the Down Under for the prestigious Grand Slam tournament.

Alcaraz, currently ranked as the world number two, is deep into a comprehensive five-week pre-season training program initiated on December 8, aimed at ensuring he enters the Melbourne tournament in prime condition. However, the absence of Ferrero, a two-time Major winner, raises questions about how this development might impact Alcaraz’s performance on the court.

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Why is Juan Carlos Ferrero Not Coaching Alacaraz at AO 2024
Why is Juan Carlos Ferrero Not Coaching Alcaraz at AO 2024

According to reports from MARCA, the surgery requires Ferrero to use crutches during his recovery, making it impossible for him to accompany Alcaraz to the Australian Open. The void left by Ferrero will be filled by Samuel Lopez, a seasoned coach with experience in guiding top-tier players, including fellow Spanish player Pablo Carreno Busta.

Despite the setback, Ferrero’s absence is expected to be temporary, with plans for him to rejoin Alcaraz at the Indian Wells Masters 1000 event in the United States, starting on March 6. This event marks the first tournament where Ferrero and Alcaraz will reunite after the surgery. Remarkably, Ferrero, undeterred by the operation, has committed to not missing any of Alcaraz’s training sessions, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his player’s development.

The loss of Ferrero is undoubtedly a blow for Alcaraz, who has thrived under the coaching of the former tennis player since the early stages of his professional career. However, the Spanish tennis prodigy is in capable hands with Samuel Lopez, who has previously collaborated with Alcaraz during the Queen’s tournament earlier in the year—a competition that concluded with a title win for the El Palmar native.

As Alcaraz gears up for the 2024 Australian Open, a significant test awaits him in the form of an exhibition match against none other than Rafael Nadal. Scheduled in Las Vegas and set to be broadcast on Netflix, this match three days before the new year will serve as a crucial indicator of Alcaraz’s form and readiness for the Grand Slam.

Following the exhibition in Riyadh, where Alcaraz will be accompanied by his agent Alberto Molina, Samuel Lopez will step into the coaching role for the Australian Open. The South American tour in February will see another coaching transition, with Antonio Martinez Cascales taking over coaching duties for Alcaraz during tournaments in Buenos Aires (February 12-18) and Rio de Janeiro (February 19-25).


In conclusion, while the absence of Juan Carlos Ferrero at the 2024 Australian Open presents a temporary setback for Carlos Alcaraz, the tennis prodigy remains surrounded by a team of experienced and dedicated coaches. The resilience and adaptability displayed by Alcaraz and his coaching staff during this period suggest that, despite the challenges, the young talent is poised to make a significant impact on the upcoming Grand Slam. Tennis enthusiasts worldwide will be eagerly watching to witness how Alcaraz performs in the absence of his trusted mentor, Juan Carlos Ferrero.

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