Japan Open 2023 Prize Money: How Much Will Winner Take Home?

Japan Open Prize Money
Japan Open Prize Money

The Tokyo Japan Open 2023 is all set to enthrall tennis enthusiasts with its thrilling matches and top-notch players. Scheduled to take place from October 16 to 22, 2023, this prestigious tournament will be played on the hard court at the iconic Ariake Colosseum. Fans can expect an exciting lineup of players, including Taylor Fritz, Alexander Zverev, Kei Nishikori, Casper Ruud, and Andy Murray, who are all poised to showcase their skills on this Asian tennis stage.

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Japan Open 2023 Prize Money: How Much Will Winner Take Home?

The Japan Open 2023 holds a special place in the ATP calendar as an ATP 500 event, a category known for its competitive nature and the presence of top-ranked players. This tournament not only promises world-class tennis action but also offers substantial prize money to the deserving winners.

Singles Prize Money

Here’s a breakdown of the prize money for the singles event at the Japan Open 2023:

RoundPointsPrize Money
Quarter Finals90$55,170
Round of 1645$29,455
Round of 320$15,710
Qualifier 210$8,050
Qualifier 10$4,515

Doubles Prize Money

In the doubles event at the Japan Open 2023, teamwork and skill are equally rewarded. Here’s a breakdown of the prize money for doubles:

RoundPointsPrize Money
Quarter Finals90$16,690
Round of 160$8,640

How Much Prize Money Will Japan Open 2023 Winners Receive?

The singles champion at the Japan Open 2023 will not only earn the prestigious title but also take home a remarkable prize money of $376,620. In addition to the financial reward, the winner will also receive a valuable 500 ATP points, which can significantly impact their world ranking and standing in the competitive world of professional tennis.

In the doubles category, the winning team at the Japan Open 2023 will share in the glory and the financial rewards. The doubles champions will be awarded a generous prize money of $123,710 to divide between them. Moreover, each player on the winning doubles team will gain 500 ATP points, further solidifying their position in the ATP rankings.

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