Does Rod Laver Arena Have Parking?

Does Rod Laver Arena Have Parking
Does Rod Laver Arena Have Parking

As the Australian Open 2024 approaches, tennis enthusiasts from around the world eagerly anticipate witnessing thrilling matches at the iconic Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Park. Renowned for hosting some of the most memorable moments in tennis history, Rod Laver Arena stands as a symbol of excellence in the sport. With thousands of fans expected to flock to Melbourne Park during the Australian Open, a common question that arises is, “Does Rod Laver Arena have parking?” In this article, we will delve into the details of parking facilities at Rod Laver Arena, covering everything from rates to booking options and addressing common concerns for attendees.

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Does Rod Laver Arena Have Parking?

Rod Laver Arena caters to the parking needs of its visitors through the Eastern Plaza Carpark, accessible via Entrance D on Olympic Boulevard. To ensure a smooth experience, it is strongly recommended that attendees pre-book their parking spaces. This measure not only guarantees a spot but also offers cost savings compared to drive-up rates. However, it’s important to note that drive-up spaces are limited and subject to availability.

Rod Laver Arena Parking Rates

Understanding the parking rates is crucial for attendees planning their visit. The rates are as follows:

  • Event Day Parking (Pre-Booked): $20
  • Event Day Parking (Drive Up): $30
  • Non-Event Day Parking: $7.50

These rates provide flexibility for different scenarios, allowing attendees to choose options that suit their preferences and schedules.

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What if Parking is Sold Out?

If Rod Laver Arena’s parking spaces are sold out or unavailable, alternative options are available in the form of private and public street car parks near the precinct. This ensures that attendees have backup choices to secure parking near the iconic venue.

Can I Leave and Re-Enter if I’ve Pre-Booked Parking?

While pre-booked parking offers the convenience of securing a spot, it’s essential to note that re-entry is not allowed. Each pre-booked parking permits only one entrance and exit per booking. If a vehicle is taken out of the car park, the reserved spot may be allocated to someone else. Re-entering requires payment of the full drive-up amount on the day.

How Do I Cancel My Booking?

For those who find themselves needing to cancel a parking booking, the process is outlined as follows:

  • Online: Log in and cancel the booking.
  • No Online Account: Click on ‘Manage my Booking,’ enter your email and booking number to cancel.
  • Cancellation must occur at least 24 hours before the scheduled event.

This ensures a straightforward procedure for attendees who may need to adjust their plans.

How Do I Book Accessible Parking?

For attendees requiring accessible parking, it must be pre-booked through Ticketek’s Accessible Bookings Hotline at (03) 9286 1208. Given the limited number of accessible parking bays located at John Cain Arena on Olympic Boulevard, early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

In conclusion, understanding the parking facilities and procedures at Rod Laver Arena is integral to enhancing the overall experience for attendees of the Australian Open 2024. By considering the parking rates, and booking options, and addressing common concerns, fans can ensure a hassle-free visit to this historic venue.

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